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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Emerging Web Technolgies

There are many mereging technolgies and symboles that are coming into web devlopement.
My specific term I will be decusing is MIME.
MIME Stands for
Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions it's specification is formating non-ASCII messages so that they can be sent over the Internert.
There are many e-mail clients that now support MIME, which enables to send and recieve graphic audio video files via the internet.
MIME supports messages in character sets other than ASCII.
To be sure email messages containing images or other not text information will be delivered with the highest protection against corruption, MIME provides a way for not non text information to be encoded as text.

The MIME format is similar to the format of information that is exchanged between a Web browser and the Web server it connects to. This related format is specified as part of the Hypertext transfer Protocol HTTP.

The basic Internet Email protocol is SMTP it supports only 7 bit ACII characters. This can limit email messages this only carrys characters sufficient for writing small number of languages mainly english. Other languages including latin are not supported in 7- bit ASCII so this means these types of languages cannot be properly represented in basic email.
MIME relays the mechanics for sending other kinds of imformation other than english using character encodings other than ASCII as well as 8 bit Binary content such as files containing Images, sounds, movies, and programs.

Messages in and out of MIME format is done automatically by email client for by mail servers when sending or receiving email SMTP/MIME email.
The definition format of the internet email is RFC ( Request for comments) 2822 this is an internet format which is used within the programing community.
MIME (RFC 2045) uses a set of methods for representing binary data in ASCII text format.

So MIME basicaly allows protocols such as HTTP and (RFC's) characters to transfer data it arranges in such a way it looks like a tree structure so is now you have the attachment the mpeg file and the more complicated languages that can be sent accross the internet

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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Excerise Complete

Excerise has been posted to this work so far
This is the completed exercise from which we had done last week

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Transfer Content to a Website

Globalscape provides secure file and managment software that to safely send data over the internet.
They guarantee the privacy of critical information such as the transfer of finanical data medical records.
The purchace cost of this program varies from $59.00 which is a single licence, to upgrade which is Pro 7 it will cost another $29.00

FileZilla is a fast FTP and SFTP client for windows program that allows you to transfer data from one computer to another this a shareware program so there is no licence fee.
There is and area where you login and asign a password
From there you can download the program to your computer and start transfering files

To find the assignment link go to this site Ape Academy